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Learning Center Communication Strategy

Zeldis Research helped guide new creative development, branding, and communications strategies for the customers of a major learning center brand.

The qualitative research consisted of three online bulletin board discussions (two with parents of struggling students in K-12 and one with parents of students who plan to take or re-take the SAT/ACT). The quantitative research was conducted with parents of struggling students and parents of high-achieving students who are considering or have obtained subject-area tutoring.

The research helped provide insight into the emotional impact of academic struggles, the process involved in evaluating and selecting tutoring services, and the strength and weaknesses of current brands in the learning center marketplace.

Infant Formula Selection

Online bulletin board focus groups (BBFGs) were conducted with expectant and new moms to understand the formula decision-making process. The study explored the information-gathering process, sources of brand awareness along with brand perceptions, reasons for formula consideration, and feedback regarding marketing material concepts and potential brand positioning. The research results were used by a major infant formula manufacturer to develop a CRM program, as well as to build in reward systems for customers.

College Student Purchasing Journey

Three waves of online focus groups and an online survey were conducted over the course of a semester. The purpose was to understand the customer journey regarding decision-making in the purchase of course materials. Students discussed their key drivers for material selection with respect to information sources, influencers, sourcing alternatives, format preferences, usage behavior and its impact on future decision making. This information was used to optimize the messaging, timing and channel decision-making for the client’s communications program.

Motor Oil Brand Engagement

A major motor oil manufacturer commissioned Zeldis Research to conduct research among young consumers to understand how to engage them in the brand long-term. In-depth interviews were conducted with consumers under age 30 to understand their relationships toward their vehicles, their purchasing influences, and their brand journey from initial brand selection to development of brand loyalty.

Pharma Online Ordering Experience

Zeldis Research conducted a combination of in-person and in-depth telephone interviews and in-person triads with physicians and office staff in pediatric and GP/FP/IM practices. The research explored VSH experiences, likes/dislikes, advantages, and enhancement/improvement opportunities and suggestions for a pharmaceutical company’s online ordering site.

Customer Touchpoint Experience Study

As part of an internal improvement process, a major P&C insurance carrier commissioned Zeldis Research to map and evaluate a wide variety of customer touch points. A series of in-depth telephone interviews were conducted with agents (producers, account managers, and customer service representatives) to map the current and ideal processes for quoting, claims, marketing, and service. The process maps were used to develop highly-detailed benchmarks for responsiveness, turnaround time, and service standards for agents and insureds.

Provider Journal Mapping Study

A major health insurance company commissioned Zeldis Research to conduct a journey mapping study to understand healthcare providers’ experiences with health insurance companies.

The first phase of this study consisted of an internal brainstorming session with internal staff at the client organization, to create a model of the healthcare journey with insurance companies. To test the accuracy and further develop the model created in the brainstorming phase, Zeldis Research Associates conducted focus groups with GP/FPs and Specialists.

The model of the healthcare journey developed in the brainstorming was tested with physicians. Participants identified the sub-steps when working with insurance companies, in general, and identified key “pain points” along the way.

Insurance Shopping Experience Study

Zeldis Research conducted a quantitative study on behalf of a major life insurance provider to understand the journey, obstacles, and “pain points” in the life insurance purchasing process, as well as the barriers that have prevented some consumers from even engaging in the process. More than 600 online surveys were conducted with consumers, including life insurance shoppers, purchasers, and non-shoppers.

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