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Health Insurance Market Research

Pain-Free Research for Healthier Engagement

The US health care system faces obstacles and negative perceptions. Changes in health care funding, the health care regulatory environment, issues of affordability and emerging technologies, tools, and digital channels, are creating both challenges and new opportunities for payors. Zeldis helps health care insurers benefit from the advances, and adapt to the hurdles of this changing marketplace.

Applying our customized blend of qualitative and quantitative research techniques, Zeldis helps clients leverage our deep sector expertise and market experience in all types of health insurance topics and audiences.

The result is better engagement with your key targets through relevant and effective communication, more focused health insurance products, and useful member tools.

Our health insurance areas of expertise involve:
  • Employer-sponsored markets
  • Individual market
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid, including DSNPs and CSNPs
  • Wellness
  • Dental
  • Vision
Our study experience includes:
  • Patient and provider customer journeys
  • Key market segmentation
  • Patient non-compliance evaluation
  • Wellness attitudes and ideation studies
  • New product design/product demand
  • Materials testing
  • Ad and message testing
  • Trends and thought leadership
  • Brand assessment and tracking
  • Service evaluations (appointment availability, enrollment, claims, etc.)
  • Member web and portal experience evaluations
  • Patient and provider satisfaction assessments
Access and engage your most important research audiences

We have experience attaining opinions from the full spectrum of health insurance constituencies, including:

  • Consumers, including Medicare and Medicaid
  • Insurance Agents and Brokers
  • Employee Benefits Managers/ HR Directors
  • Small Business Owners (SBOs)
  • C-Suite/ Business Insurance Decision-Makers (across a variety of industries)
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Office/Practice Managers
Our actionable research has helped clients to:
  • Size and profile key market segments based on attitudes toward prevention and attitudes regarding health maintenance in general, as well as health insurance specifically.
  • Explore ways to increase female members’ participation in pre-screening for gender-specific diseases, such as mammograms and pap smears.
  • Identify opportunities to improve their member portal.
  • Better understand attitudes about health and wellness with several key populations (middle market benefits managers, consumers, and producers).
  • Identify crucial leverage points and refinements needed for a major healthcare insurer to foster increased adoption of an online prior authorization tool.
  • Make informed decisions in the development of a Medicare shopping website, identifying the range of questions, needs and backgrounds consumers have as they shop for Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement and/or Medicare Part D plans.
  • Gain insights regarding the customer experience among health insurance plan members who chose to renew their individual healthcare policy.
  • Identify the supplementary benefits to add to a Medicare Advantage plan to optimize consumer demand and ROI.
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