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Investing And Retirement Planning

Is your engagement strategy keeping up with today’s market changes?

During the past decade, the landscape for financial products and services, and the way they are delivered, has changed dramatically. To mitigate risk and maximize profitability, the finance industry is tasked with understanding not only what’s necessary to keep current customers engaged, but also how demographic and generational shifts are impacting product and service opportunities.

Understand the habits, preferences and influencers driving investment decisions.

Zeldis brings financial services firms and their ideal customers closer together. We help our clients test their products and offerings with consumers and advisors alike, identify the best approaches to communicate those offerings, determine the strength of their brand and how it performs competitively, and much more.

We combine qualitative and quantitative research techniques with our deep industry and market expertise across product categories to educate our clients on the preferences, needs and current influences driving customer and advisor choices.

 Our experience includes surveying advisors/brokers, financial services companies, and consumers about:
  • Investment products, including mutual funds, ETFs, managed accounts, etc.
  • Retirement accounts, including IRAs, 401(k)s, 403(b)s, 457s
  • Annuities (VAs, FAs, FIAs, RILAs, etc.)
  • Life insurance (term, whole, VUL, UL, etc.)
  • LTC solutions
  • Cryptoassets
Our study experience includes:
  • Investor and advisor journey mapping (view)
  • Product and concept testing
  • Materials testing
  • Ad and message testing (view)
  • Trends and thought leadership
  • Brand assessment and tracking
  • Technology/portal/website evaluations
  • Market segmentation
Connect with your most important research audiences

In addition to providing extensive access to an array of consumer research targets (including millennials/Gen Z respondents, pre-retirees/retirees, and others), Zeldis has the expertise and resources to connect you with your most important, difficult-to-reach B2B research audiences:

  • Financial Advisors
  • Insurance Agents and Brokers
  • Plan Sponsors
  • Small Business Owners (SBOs)
  • C-Suite Executives
  • Institutional Investors
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