customer journey

Customer Journey

Creating a positive customer experience at every touchpoint has never been more critical.


The concept of brand loyalty is becoming increasingly precarious at a time when consumers have an ever-widening range of options.

Understanding your customers’ journey – online, in-store, over the phone – can provide critical insights vital to creating a seamless customer experience, driving customer satisfaction and loyalty, and increasing market share.

Benefits of Zeldis Customer Journey Research:customer-journey-image
  • Allows an organization to identify “delighters” and “pain points” in the customer experience
  • Ensures that appropriate resources can be allocated to resolve pain
  • Creates a system for channeling comments from dissatisfied customers so that issues can be resolved and customer loss prevented

Importantly, Zeldis‘s customer journey research can help ensure that you fully leverage your research investment by generating a process for benchmarking/tracking “delighters” and “pain points” over time, validating improvements and monitoring changes once implemented.

What’s New

Demonstrated Effectiveness

Our customer journey research has helped clients to:

  • Develop highly-detailed benchmarks for responsiveness, turnaround time, and service standards for customer service agents
  • Identify sources of dissatisfaction and test new service concepts
  • Develop process improvements to optimize the customer journey
  • Understand key decision points, obstacles, and “pain points” in their customers’ purchasing process
  • Address barriers that have prevented some consumers from engaging
  • Identify key areas of opportunity to improve call center satisfaction
  • Gather feedback on Customer Service Representative performance, and contrast satisfaction levels across onshore and offshore sites