FinTech Market Research

While FinTech seems like a more recent development in the financial services world, the concept has existed for some time—arguably starting with credit cards in the 1950s. But currently available technology and demand has undoubtedly accelerated the FinTech landscape beyond anything we have seen or might have imagined. Spurred on by millennial and Gen Z cohorts, the financial world is constantly innovating to meet the expectations and needs of these diverse financial consumers.

Zeldis has progressed in the work we have been doing in the financial services arena for more than 30 years to conquer the newest challenges in FinTech. For as long as we’ve been in business we have helped our clients develop, test, and market websites, portals, tools and calculators, and continue to evolve alongside these same clients, in addition to newer, digitally-focused companies to develop apps, sites, and platforms that go farther and do more.

Optimize your FinTech offerings, and identify and deliver the best messaging to attract your target market.

Zeldis helps financial services stay current in a world that demands digital first offerings, seamless technological solutions, and high-level security and privacy.  We test your products and offerings with consumers and financial professionals, identify the best way to communicate those offerings, determine the strength of your brand and how it performs competitively, and much more.

Using qualitative and quantitative research techniques combined with deep industry expertise and market expertise across product categories, we help clients understand the preferences, needs, and current influences driving consumer and advisor demand for FinTech.

Our FinTech experience includes: (see case studies)
  • Consumer and financial professional websites and portals
  • Financial tools, calculators, and digital education
  • Crypto wallets and exchanges
  • Investment, banking, and budgeting apps
  • Peer-to-peer payment
Our study experience includes:
  • Product and concept testing throughout the lifecycle
  • Usability testing
  • Ad and message testing
  • Trends and thought leadership
  • Brand assessment and tracking
  • Market segmentation
Connect with your most critical research audiences:
  • Millennials/Gen Z cohorts
  • Pre-retirees/retirees
  • Financial Professionals
  • Small Business Owners (SBOs)
  • C-Suite Executives
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