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Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Market Research

Are your product, message and engagement strategies healthy and relevant?

The pharmaceutical and medical device industries are rapidly evolving, with exciting new opportunities and previously unseen challenges to product success and effective engagement with decision-makers.

In the pharmaceutical space, the excitement around the rapid emergence of biologics and personalized medicine is tempered with new challenges arising from increasing patent expirations and emerging generic brands. Now, as patients themselves are picking up more of the bill though higher deductibles and co-pays, companies need to develop strategies to improve and strengthen patient and provider brand awareness and engagement.

In the medical device market, manufacturers see exciting opportunities, including an acceleration in connectivity and wearables and at the same time face evolving health reimbursement dynamics, increased competition and consolidation.

Pharmaeceuticals Market Research
Understand the messages, market opportunities, and engagement strategies critical to your product success.

Zeldis helps pharmaceutical and medical device companies test strategies, products and messages; identify ideal markets and patient profiles for your products; improve engagement with patients, payors and providers; and measure potential opportunities and the competitiveness of your brand.

Using qualitative and quantitative research techniques combined with deep market expertise in the pharmaceutical, medical device and healthcare marketing sectors, we help clients identify and leverage the market opportunities that will make their products more successful.

View Recent Research Examples:

Access and engage your most important research audiences

In addition to wide access to an array of consumer research targets, including patients, chronic disease and pain sufferers, and fitness enthusiasts, Zeldis provides you access to and engagement with your most important, difficult to reach B2B research audiences:

  • Physicians in primary care and most specialties
  • Other HCPs
  • Pharmacists
  • Medical Directors
  • Hospital and Clinic Administrators
  • Pharmacy Managers/Directors
  • VPs and Directors of Materials Management and Supply Chain
  • Practice/office managers
  • Directors of Nursing
Our pharmaceutical and medical device market research areas include:
  • Market opportunity landscape (Domestic and International)
  • Messaging
  • Product concept testing
  • Forecasting
  • Brand awareness
  • New product development
  • Detail effectiveness
  • Tracking research
  • Segmentation
  • Targeting
  • Brand defense
  • Customer engagement strategies

Stay relevant, engaged and successful with Zeldis Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Market Research

Our actionable research has helped clients to:
  • Understand the effectiveness of details, impact of messaging, and the usefulness of visual aides for various products marketed.
  • Identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for positioning a new product concept.
  • Assess marketing execution driving unaided and aided awareness, product attributes, key competitors, and key reasons for trial, adoption and discontinuation of a new brand.
  • Assess the international market opportunity for early stage molecules in the U.S. and Europe.
  • Segment customers and refine messaging to engage each segment.
  • Inform the forecast and understand key drivers of product interest among physicians and patients for a new formulation.