Telemedicine Research Study

Consumers & Telemedicine

A Zeldis Research Associates and Dynata 2019 Market Research Study

Telemedicine is considered a viable solution to improve healthcare delivery and outcomes, from closer monitoring of chronic disease to increasing convenience and access to lowering the overall cost of healthcare. While health systems see the value and have been investing in telemedicine, consumer adoption has lagged behind.

Zeldis Research and Dynata have collaborated on a quantitative research study to gain insight into consumer barriers, misperceptions, facilitators and triggers for engagement with Telemedicine.  The study includes Millennials, Gen-Xer’s and Baby Boomers.

Study Results

The first release of the study’s findings were presented in a live webinar on October 1, 2019.

Watch a video capture of the live webinar HERE.

Read or download a short summary infographic:

“Five Things You Should Know about Consumers and Telemedicine”


300 Online Surveys Among USERS 300 Online Surveys Among NON-USERS
Definition: Ever used TM for self or family Definition: Would consider using TM for self or family
100 Millennial, 100 Gen-Xer, 100 Baby Boomer 100 Millennial, 100 Gen-Xer, 100 Baby Boomer

Among the issues we address are:

How do Users and Non-Users compare in perceptions of telemedicine?
How did Users and Non-Users first become aware of telemedicine?

How long did Users wait before trying telemedicine? Why? What were the triggers?
What questions or other barriers do Non-Users see to trying telemedicine?
Are Non-Users also resistant to other evolving innovations in healthcare?
(e.g., wearables, health apps, consumer DNA screens, medical ridesharing)

What conditions do Users seek help with? Mental health? Medical?
Are Users satisfied with their telemedicine experience? Why/why not?
Which health insurers and which telemedicine providers/apps are common among Users?

What do Users pay? What do Non-Users expect to pay?

The study was fielded at the beginning of August 2019. We’re excited to share our findings and insights in a LIVE webinar early this fall. Healthcare providers, insurers, device and technology designers and health-related associations–or anyone else with a stake in the health care scene–will want to learn more!

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