Consumer Perceptions of Pet Insurance

As reported by the North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA) in its 2021 State of the Industry Report, North America’s pet health insurance sector exceeded $2.174 billion USD in 2020, as the industry recorded its sixth consecutive year of double-digit growth.

More than 5.76 million pets are insured across North America – According to the latest 2023 data from the World Animal Foundation.

Only 1% of pets are insured in US compared to 25% in the UK and 40% in Sweden. Moving from 1% to just 5% of pets covered could represent a $5.2B opportunity.


Explore pet owners’ emotional connection to their pets, and their pet care attitudes and behaviors

Determine what drives consumers to purchase pet insurance, and the barriers that keep pet owners from obtaining pet insurance

Understand the pet insurance purchase process, spend, and pet insurance carrier selection criteria


  • What types of pets do consumers own and what emotional benefits do pets bring to owners’ lives?
  • How do owners care for their pets and how much do they spend on them?
  • What makes pet owners decide to purchase or not purchase pet insurance?
  • How do they select a pet insurance carrier and how much do they spend on insurance?


Online survey among a nationally representative sample of pet owners. N-500


Results were shared in a live webinar on April 26, 2022. A videocapture of the webinar is available below:


To learn more about this study, please contact Kristina Witzling, Executive Vice President:

Learn more about NAPHIA’s 2021 research HERE.

For your reference and to verify the new statistics, please visit World Animal Foundation’s page HERE.