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The financial services world is ever-changing, with impacted by domestic and global economies, innovations to investments and technology, and the changing needs of consumers. Clients rely on Zeldis to provide our 30+ years of financial services experience in designing research that gets to the heart of complex issues in an easy-to-understand way, delivering insights with a laser focus on ways to grow their businesses and better service their customers.

Whether it’s the recent inclusion of annuities within 401(k)s, the trend toward indexed-linked annuities, the volatile world of crypto assets, or the constant demand for streamlined and effective technology to interface with the financial world, Zeldis helps our clients make the best possible decisions for their businesses.

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Investing and Retirement Planning
Group and Individual Insurance

What our clients say…

“For over 15 years, I’ve considered Zeldis a key research partner because of their deep industry knowledge and understanding of our business, technical research expertise, consultative approach and reliably high-quality output.” (Director, Fortune 50 insurance company, 2021)

“They are very knowledgeable of both the products and distribution of our industry. Therefore, I consider them to be more of a consultant than a supplier. I feel extremely comfortable having them present to my stakeholders. They are also excellent researchers, so I consider them consultants in that respect too.” (Senior Research Analyst, Fortune 200 financial firm, 2021)

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