Zeldis Approach

The Zeldis Approach: Integrated Qual/Quant Methods for High Value Insights

Zeldis offers an extensive portfolio of market research options, each custom designed to meet your strategic marketing goals.

Many research initiatives require some mix of qualitative and quantitative research methods. But conducted without a unified plan, they can present disjointed results that lack continuity and miss significant findings. Zeldis is unique in our ability to deliver highest quality insights through the appropriate application of integrated qualitative and quantitative methods.

Qualitative is often used early in the research process to identify potential opportunities by discovering challenges and pain points of an audience, or to obtain initial reactions to early-stage concept ideas. It can also be used toward the end of the project lifecycle to help add further context or to illuminate key findings or segments.

Quantitative research generally occurs when there are more set parameters around the research, as when concepts are fleshed out and refined or when the issues (and language needed) are clearly identified. It allows for quantification of market issues and questions, including reactions to ideas, identifying key segments, or for complex tradeoffs in product.


When the same research team is experienced in conducting both phases of the research, there is no need for knowledge transfer or loss of data insights, just a seamless transition from one study to the next. Our Zeldis research team is able to plan for the best blend and timing of methodologies, as well as build upon the findings as they emerge to tell one unified story.