5 Ways to Get The Best “Bang” for Your Research “Buck”

The pendulum for market research spending in your company may veer year-to-year but industry reports show budgets have generally climbed back up to and beyond post-recession levels. Still, you know the general upswing in research funding since then hasn’t necessarily made your job any easier.

Making the most of every marketing research dollar is still crucial. And there are more variables to consider. As budgets have gone up, expectations have gone up faster. There are now many more aspects involved in marketing research, such as the influences and impacts of social networks and ubiquitous digital devices. And technology in today’s marketing world has created intense pressure on timelines, reflecting the demand for seemingly instantaneous, and simultaneously evolving, results.

So getting the most insights possible from every market research dollar is still crucial.

Here are five ideas extracted from a new Zeldis Research Associates whitepaper to help you get more out of today’s market research budget.

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