Education/Educational Publishing Market Research

The Evolution of the Modern Student

Zeldis-EducationZeldis Research has been an expert in education since 1992. We help clients understand the trends, cultural and demographic shifts, and, perhaps most importantly, the ways content digitization and online learning are shaping the next generation of successful products and services in the education marketplace.

Simply stated, our education market research helps our clients– educators, educational publishers, media companies, and technology companies–understand the teacher, parent and student habits, preferences and influences that are challenging traditional approaches and driving new opportunities.


Our expertise in education includes:
  • New product development, concept review and testing
  • Elementary Education
  • Middle/High School Education
  • Higher Education
  • Online learning market assessments
  • Common Core standards and End of Course testing changes
  • English Language Learner Programs, Methods and Materials
Access and engage your most important research audiences

Zeldis provides you with wide access to an array of consumer research targets, as well as access to and engagement with your most important, difficult to reach B2B research audiences:

  • Teachers
  • Superintendents
  • Principals
  • Curriculum Supervisors
  • Librarians
  • Instructors/Professors
  • Deans
Our actionable research has helped clients to:
  • Concept test and refine online teaching products
  • Evaluate and focus product and program marketing strategies
  • Understand and address student attrition
  • Understand the decision-making process for tutoring, academic enrichment and/or test prep services
  • Discover opportunities for new materials development
  • Determine optimal selections for literature programs
  • Test online GED and Adult Education curriculum effectiveness
We’re educational publishing experts.

We have extensive expertise and experience in educational publishing, including nearly all disciplines at elementary, secondary,  professional schools, and colleges and universities. Our expertise ranges from assessing market needs to testing prototypes to measuring satisfaction. We have worked in all disciplines including Art, English Language Arts, Math, Music, Science, History/Social Studies, and Special Education.