qualitative methods

Qualitative Methods


Qualitative research is often used to understand market dynamics and identify potential opportunities by discovering challenges and pain points of an audience, or to obtain initial reactions to early-stage concept idea, or to add a depth of understanding to a target, market, or situation.

Advantages of Qualitative Methods

  • Provides rich, in-depth details, respondents can be asked to elaborate
  • Flexible and Fluid, and not limited to rigid, predefined response categories
  • Observation-based, uncovers the human experience

But it’s important to note that qualitative research is also used to inform quantitative research projects. Qualitative can help you to frame and word the questions, add new ones or subtract irrelevant ones, and generally makes the quantitative process much smarter and more effective.


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  • Focus Groups (In-person or webcam)
  • In-depth Interviews (phone, in-person or webcam)
  • Online Bulletin Boards
  • Guided Digital Experiences
  • Communities, Panels
  • Ethnographies



  • Analogies
  • Blob Trees
  • Collages
  • Image Decks
  • Journaling
  • Laddering
  • Letter Writing
  • Review Writing
  • Role-playing
  • Social Media Postings
  • Sorting
  • Storytelling
  • Web Searches
  • Word Galleries