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Millennials Market Research Examples

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Zeldis Proprietary Research: Millennial Segmentation

Much research on Millennials as a homogeneous group has been conducted in the industry, yet little has been done to fully understand the unique segments that exist among the Millennial target.  Zeldis Research conducted quantitative online research with 1,000 Millennials with the goal of developing segments within the Millennial population based on attitudinal and demographic criteria.  The survey also focused on financial services, health, and insurance products to provide insights into marketing to these distinct segments.  Smaller samples of Gen-Xers and Boomers were also collected to provide a comparison perspective.

Zeldis Proprietary Research: Insurance Channels and Generation

Zeldis Research conducted quantitative research to examine attitudes toward insurance purchase channels by generation: millennials, Gen-X, and Boomers. Topics included views on purchasing life, health, and P&C insurance through agents as well as through emerging channels such as online marketplaces and retail stores.

Millennial Home Attitudes and Needs Study

Zeldis Research conducted a large-scale quantitative study among millennials on behalf of a major retailer and its marketing agency, to understand attitudes toward their homes and interior and exterior projects. More than 1,000 online interviews were conducted with millennials; topics included their living situations (own/rent), experience with projects, information sources, and preferred retailers. The research helped to position future offerings to key segments of millennials. The research also incorporated webcam/video open-ended questions, to allow participants to express themselves on video rather than through traditional written responses.

MomTrak “What Do Moms Want?” Tracking Studies

Zeldis Research has conducted four waves of Meredith Corporation’s MomTrak study, each with more than 1,500 interviews among millennial moms. The primary objective is to understand millennial moms’ motivations, needs, and information sources, and their attitudes toward digital and traditional media for parenthood guidance. The 2014 wave also included a sub-segment of millennials who are not moms, to compare their media use and lifestyles to those of moms.

Millennial Life Insurance Attitudes Study

After experiencing declines in life insurance purchases among younger moms, a major insurance provider commissioned Zeldis Research to conduct an exploration of life insurance attitudes and needs among millennial parents. Both qualitative and quantitative research was conducted to explore attitudes toward purchasing life insurance for children and to identify potential reasons for the shift in purchase behavior among the millennial generation.


Zeldis Proprietary Research: Millennial Professionals Exploration

As Millennial professionals become a more significant part of the workforce, understanding the unique perspectives and work ethics of this population are important for helping carriers better engage with these professionals as the market continues to evolve.  Qualitative one-on-one interviews with Millennial small business owners, financial advisors, and insurance agents was conducted to understand how Millennial professionals differ from their older counterparts as well as how both populations are similar.

Millennial Media Attitudes Study

Zeldis Research conducted a large-scale qualitative study on behalf of a major publishing company, to explore millennials’ attitudes toward information gathering and media across a wide variety of topics. In-person focus groups were conducted among millennial consumers as well as the client company’s employees in four cities; topics included lifestyle, ways millennials consume content, attitudes toward video, and key information sources.

New Homeowners Study

Online bulletin board focus groups (BBFGs) were conducted with young, first-time homebuyers to understand their home ownership experiences, identify key information needs, and to evaluate a website geared specifically to first-time homeowners. The research was used by a major real estate association to further refine and develop its website to engage millennial homebuyers.

Military Millennials Study

A major insurance provider commissioned Zeldis Research to conduct qualitative research among active military or their spouses age 25-34, to understand their attitudes toward insurance and to test an insurance concept geared toward military families. Online (webcam) focus groups and individual one-on-one interviews were conducted to understand these millennials’ experiences with insurance products, their awareness of military benefits, and plans for insurance once they leave the military.

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