Millennials Market Research

Engaging the Complex and Pivotal Millennial Consumer

For 10 years, Zeldis has been building a rich body of knowledge about Millennials, including significant proprietary research in insurance, financial services, consumer products and media

Zeldis has successfully explored Millennials’ attitudes, behaviors and decision-making through all of their major life events: Education (High school/college), vehicle purchase/maintenance, parenting, home purchase/maintenance, and establishing/planning for their financial futures (health/life/home/auto insurance acquisition).

Zeldis gives you access to high-quality insights delivered through authentic Millennial voices.

Rethinking Research

Zeldis views the research design process with millennials as ever-changing. We map a fresh and thoughtful strategy for each Millennial research engagement. Our goal is to continually meet them where they are behaviorally and attitudinally, based upon the most current data available.

Meeting Millennials on Their Own Turf

Successfully marketing to Millennials, or even conducting market research among Millennials, requires a frequent and unique approach to tools and analytic techniques.


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We know how to leverage tools familiar to them but previously unfamiliar to traditional market researchers. Our methods include:

  • Creating surveys that are mobile-optimized.
  • Incorporating qualitative activities that leverage social media, such as Pinterest, blog reviews, and Web Quests.
  • Using video methodologies such as video diaries, webcam groups, video verbatims and surveys, and live video observation.
  • Encouraging respondents’ use of images and video to communicate their responses.
  • Developing research methodologies with time-pressed Millennials in mind. For example, conducting studies requiring brief email responses or half-day bulletin board sessions.

Extensive Knowledge Base

Our extensive knowledge base in Millennial research includes:
  • Media behaviors – social media activities and video usage to gather info.
  • Shopping behaviors and purchase decisions.
  • Generational mind set – how their attitudes and behaviors differ from other generations.
  • Attitudes, influences and decision-drivers regarding insurance and other financial products and services.
  • Attitudes toward parenting.
  • Priorities and attitudes towards purchasing and maintaining homes, autos and other possessions.
  • Lifestyle choices and attitudes toward health and fitness.
Zeldis can help you to:
  • Build more highly targeted and successful Millennial market strategies
  • Access Millennial panels and subgroups unavailable through traditional research techniques
  • Discover new outreach channels and engagement methods
  • Test concepts, products and messaging to avoid Millennial marketing missteps
  • Direct Millennial marketing dollars more successfully