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Moms and Families Market Research Examples

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Media Usage Tracking Study

Zeldis Research has conducted three waves of Moms and Media research on behalf of a major publishing corporation. The research, which is used among advertisers and for public relations, is designed to understand moms’ media consumption, and explore the role of various types of media (including social media) in moms’ lives.

Family Magazine Information Needs Studies

Several studies were conducted by Zeldis Research to determine the information needs of parents of child(ren) ages 3-13 regarding food, travel, activities and entertainment. Focus Groups and Online Surveys were conducted to understand how moms and families engage in these activities along with the types of information they need to maximize the entertainment value they receive from these interactions. The results from these studies were used to develop editorial content that best meets the needs of the reader.

Formula Selection Studies

Zeldis Research has conducted a number of studies to help understand various aspects of the formula decision process. These projects include Bulletin Board Focus Groups, In-depth Telephone Interviews, as well as quantitative Online Surveys. The issues explored included formula usage consideration, formula brand selection, breast milk bank usage as well as CRM material evaluation.

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