Moms, Kids & Families Market Research

Understanding preference and influence in the moms and families marketplace

Knowing when and why moms and families spend, where they get their information, and how to reach and influence them is a complex combination of media immersion, cultural, economic, and social factors driving their purchase decisions.

As the definitions of “family” continue to evolve, and all the roles–mom, dad, grandparent–change, marketers are challenged to address a moving target. Zeldis can help. Our staff has rich backgrounds exploring everything from product concept and package design, to media consumption and information needs.

Innovative techniques and deep experience

Zeldis has the ability to formulate just the right combination of qualitative and quantitative research and analysis techniques.

By applying them to each unique project through rich sector expertise, knowledge, and creative thinking, we are able to significantly help manufacturers, marketers, associations and media developers understand the habits, preferences and influences driving moms’ behaviors and choices.


Specialty areas include:
  • Brand positioning, perceptions and preferences
  • Future purchase intent
  • Print and digital media use and attitudes
  • Message/communication influence in brand selection
  • Concept testing and selection drivers
  • Coupon program impact studies
  • Cultural impacts on child rearing behaviors and preferences

Actionable Results to Accelerate Your Success

We’ve successfully helped clients to:
  • Understand moms’ media consumption and explore the role of various types of traditional, digital and social media
  • Determine the information needs of parents regarding food, travel, activities and entertainment
  • Understand the challenges and emotions behind the selection process for tutoring services
  • Learn about parental product packaging preferences and selection drivers
  • Understand new mom attitudes and behaviors toward baby care
  • Gauge interest in a new baby care product concept