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Digital and Print Media Research Examples

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Recipe Website Concept Test

A large publishing company commissioned Zeldis Research to conduct a test for a new, recipe-driven website concept.

A quantitative study was conducted among women in the website’s target audience. Participants were asked to evaluate several concepts and positioning statements for the new site.

Results were used to aid in decision-making for site content and marketing efforts, in an effort to develop a unique, differentiating positioning for the site.

Women’s Magazine Direct Mail Evaluation

Zeldis Research conducted research for one of the largest consumer magazines in the United States, designed to understand how subscribers react to direct mail solicitations and identify ways to use direct mail to encourage web-based subscriptions/renewals.

In-person focus groups were conducted with subscribers and prospects.

Decorating Magazine Digital Publication Study

A major decorating magazine was considering several changes to its publication and delivery, to capitalize on the increasing use of digital media in home décor.

Zeldis Research conducted focus groups to understand readers’ motivations and needs with regard to home decorating, and to measure reactions to a prototype digital product, compared to key competitive products.

Insurance Company’s Facebook Site

A major health insurance provider was interested in obtaining reaction from decision-makers regarding the insurance company’s potential Facebook website.

The purpose of this research was to gather feedback regarding the site’s strengths, weaknesses and potential improvement prior to launch to maximize its value.

Zeldis Research conducted 2-day Bulletin Board Focus Groups with men and women, age 25+, who make the health insurance provider selection decision for their families.

Car Insurance Company’s Digital Campaign Evaluation

A major car insurance provider was seeking to create awareness and relevance for its brand by exploring the development of a digital awareness strategy and brand activation platform.

The research was designed to obtain reaction to and relevance of the brand positioning selected and to gauge reaction to the digital campaign executions. A total of four live focus groups were conducted with mass market consumers and small business owners.

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