digital media

Digital and Print Media Market Research

The digitization of media, combined with a rapid and ubiquitous emergence of personal digital devices providing constant connectivity, has turned traditional methods of customer engagement on their heads. Consumers have more media from more sources available in an instant than ever before.

We’re all about helping you engage your customer.


We help online publishers, digital media companies, content producers, technology companies and advertisers understand how to better engage their customers despite the competing digital noise thundering around them.

We explore the challenges that influence engagement decisions, with topics as wide-ranging as personal finances, self-reflection, aging, parenting, education, the environment, travel and leisure, time management and work/life balance.

Our areas of expertise include:
  • Identifying key trends in purchase decision-making and media usage
  • Prototype testing of design, usability, and product features
  • Concept and positioning reviews
  • Subscriber solicitation evaluations
  • Customer perception/image versus competitors
  • Subscriber/prospect needs and satisfaction
  • Relevance of brand positioning
We’ve successfully helped clients to:
  • Maximize value in launching a new social media presence
  • Make appropriate, successful decisions regarding site content and marketing efforts
  • Understand readers’ motivations and needs
  • Evaluate magazine redesign/rebranding efforts
  • Test hypotheses and measure reactions to potential websites and publications
  • Obtain feedback on specialty target-focused websites