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International Market Research

Think Global. Research Local.

Zeldis International Market Research provides extensive industry knowledge, methodological expertise, and meticulous coordination for your global research projects, large and international-globesmall. Your dedicated Zeldis team expertly manages your project, executes fieldwork, checks quality, analyzes, interprets, and presents your research project results.

The Critical Importance of Customization
  • We leverage local resources where appropriate to provide culturally relevant advice and to interpret findings in context.
  • We apply methodology according to country customs. In particular, we pay close attention to Third World requirements.
  • We help you overcome challenges as complex as cultural differences or as simple as conducting business in a country’s local time, five or six time zones away.


If you’ve tried to work with large companies that market themselves as international, simply because they have offices abroad, you may have discovered that offices abroad do not necessarily equate to effectively conducting research abroad.

Conducting international research is not about homogenizing across markets, but is about embracing local culture and customizing to align with their customs in order to yield accurate, credible results.

The Value of Consistency

Most importantly, Zeldis Research brings consistency to your international research endeavor. Consistency leads to top quality research, best practices in research processes, efficiency, speed, improved comparability of results, deep insight, and greater ease of understanding and disseminating information. The areas in which we deliver consistency across all countries include:

  • Training and briefing
  • Research designs, scales, questionnaires, translations, field protocols, code lists
  • Data file formats and data processing rules
  • Databases and analytic tools
  • Analytic techniques and guidelines for applying them
  • Normalization and benchmarking to improve comparability of scores
  • Setting action standards and decision rules
  • Weighting
  • Reporting
The Benefit of Coverage

Coverage is more than being in a country. Zeldis partners are meticulously monitored to assure that work is executed accurately and on time. We believe in identifying and working with partners who are:

  • Not just present in a country but understand that culture matters
  • Skilled to meet your objectives
  • Proficient in the chosen methodology
  • Able to add value
The global reach to make gathering information possible; the expertise to turn worldwide information into insight.

The outcomes are: credible results, appropriate implications, and actionable recommendations.