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Global Publications Online Survey
An association of instrumentation systems and automation partnered with Zeldis on an online survey to evaluate their global industry publications. Survey participants were located in the Latin and South Americas, Europe, India and other Asian countries. The research sought to understand the audiences’ needs, their involvement with competitive products, and the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for publication. Additionally, association management wanted to understand the reading behavior of the audience and build a personal and professional profile of the reader.

Infant Formula Selection Study
Online bulletin board focus groups (BBFGs) were conducted with expectant and new moms in Canada to understand the formula decision-making process. The study explored the information-gathering process, sources of brand awareness along with brand perceptions, reasons for formula consideration, and feedback regarding marketing concepts and potential brand positioning. The results of the research effort were used to develop a CRM program as well as to build in reward systems for a major infant formula manufacturer.

Office Hardware Customer Experience Study
A major international office hardware company requested a comprehensive customer experience program focusing on customer support associated with a number of office products (i.e. printers, desktop PCs, laptops, monitors, accessories). Once a customer was in touch with support, follow up research was conducted within a brief window to determine if support was done satisfactorily and, if not, to identify gaps. The ultimate goal was to determine whether or not problems had been resolved to customers’ expectations so that HP would have a closed loop process. Results were reported in near real time due to the desire to be responsive to their customers.

Global Brand Image Study
A world leader in the sale and distribution of art and stock photography sought to understand the image of their master brand and sub-brands globally among small, mid-market, and large enterprises. This effort was aimed at different segments of buyers, decision makers, creative professionals, and end users in regions across the world, including North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. Research was conducted among both customers and non-customers and multiple waves were implemented since data was tracked over time.

Electronic Publication Competitive Assessment
A major electronic publishing company worked with Steve to implement a global AAU (awareness, attitudes, usage) program associated with their brand and the competition. Many sample sources were leveraged from the many countries involved, including US, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Malaysia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, and Australia. Moreover, advanced statistical modeling was deployed to uncover indicators such as key drivers and customer conversion.

50 Country IT Svcs Customer Process Review
A global leader in IT Services commissioned a comprehensive total customer experience research plan to uncover the strengths and weaknesses of its client processes, and to identify actions required for improvement. The research leveraged a hybrid methodology of telephone and online contacts in the North and Latin Americas, Northeast Europe, Southwest Europe, and Asia Pacific. Overall, the research encompassed 50 countries, with analysis reaching beyond respondents’ feedback to include optimized outcomes moving forward.

Technology Firm Global Point-of-Sale Audit
A global leader in mobile technology embarked on a worldwide mystery shop program that focused on point of sale (POS), as well as including an audit component. This continuous research ran throughout the year, and required extraordinary communication, given the differences in culture, language, and scheduling requirements. Insight was reported at both a regional and country level.

Security Software Global Brand Health Study
A leading security software manufacturer commissioned separate global research programs that focused on awareness, attitudes, and usage (AAU) and brand health. The research measured its brand health across key segments of the population, monitored competition, assessed image, dove into key drivers of purchase and helped guide marketing communications.

Fortune 500 Mobile Tech Purchasing Study
A Fortune 500 technology company sought qualitative and quantitative global research to garner insight from business professionals and consumers on the deployment of mobile technology in their lives. On the consumer side, we not only included adults but also teens 13-19 years of age. The insight helped to guide product strategy and became instrumental in understanding consumer needs that led to a comprehensive knowledge base of what drove purchase behavior.