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Concept Testing Market Research

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Critical Illness Insurance Concept Test

Zeldis Research conducted qualitative research among consumers on behalf of a major insurance company, to gauge attitudes toward critical illness (CI) insurance, and to obtain feedback on the appeal and marketability of a new CI insurance product concept. Online bulletin boards were conducted with consumers, including those who have health insurance through Medicare, employers, or through the Affordable Care Act.

Results were used to determine the potential viability of the concept, and to identify potential market segments for further testing.

Shopping Experience App Concept Test

A major shopping mall commissioned Zeldis Research to test a new app designed to improve the shopping experience. In-person, in-depth interviews were conducted with consumers; interviewers accompanied shoppers as they walked through the mall and experimented with a beta version of the app. Following the app review, a comprehensive in-depth interview was conducted.

Results were used to refine the concept further before launch.

Package Design Concept Test

Zeldis Research was commissioned by a major manufacturer of an automotive aftermarket product to test several alternative design options for their current product.  In-person interviews were conducted with a mix of current and prospective users of the product so that each participant could experience the product individually.  The goal of this research was to determine design preference and gauge reaction to the packaging alternatives as it relates to purchase intent as well as overall brand perception.

The research results were used to determine whether or not to support the decision to move forward or with package design changes or continue with the original approach.

Employee Assessment and Training Program Concept Test

Zeldis Research conducted qualitative and quantitative research for a major assessment company to support the development of a new employee assessment and training program.  In the early stages of the concept development, an online bulletin board was conducted among employers with training and development responsibilities. Following concept refinement, an online survey was conducted among employers to gauge potential sales and market share if the program were rolled out.

The research was used to further develop the program, estimate marketplace potential, and to understand the most salient aspects of the concept to leverage for marketing and communications.

Retirement Plan Concept Test

A major provider of deferred compensation plans commissioned Zeldis Research to measure reaction to a potential new feature of an employer sponsored retirement savings plan. An online panel was used to identify 600 current 401K or 457 plan contributors for the evaluation of the concepts containing variations of this new feature. The survey obtained feedback about each plan option and participants’ likelihood to invest along with overall preference and reasoning.

The findings were used by our client to determine the potential impact of adding a feature of this type to its retirement plan offerings.

US History Program

A major educational materials company has developed a prototype of a new program for middle school history to be submitted for adoption in California. Zeldis Research conducted qualitative research among eighth-grade history teachers in California to obtain reaction to the print and digital components of the program, determine key advantages of the program over competitive materials, identify key improvements, and gauge teacher likelihood to recommend and use the program.

Results were used to identify key improvement priorities, as well as strengths for future message development.

Infant Formula New Product

Zeldis Research conducted quantitative product testing on behalf of a major provider of infant formula prior to the launch of a new formulation of its core product. More than 100 third-trimester prenatal moms were recruited to try the new formulation; they were shipped a month’s supply of formula and after three weeks of use, completed an online survey to provide feedback on their experiences, baby’s reaction, and overall satisfaction.

New Motor Oil Brand

A major lubricant company commissioned Zeldis Research to conduct the US portion of a multi-country study to evaluate consumer receptivity to a new sub-brand of motor oil associated with high-end performance vehicles. Focus groups were conducted with both consumers and auto care workers to gauge their reaction to the concept and likelihood of purchase.

Results were used to compare the US findings to those in Europe, to gauge the viability of this concept in the US market.

Magazine Re-Design

A large-scale publishing company commissioned Zeldis Research to conduct qualitative research prior to a major change in the format and sizing of its flagship publication, a women’s magazine. More than 50 in-person, in-depth interviews were conducted with readers and prospects, who evaluated a prototype of the new magazine to determine whether they spontaneously noticed the sizing and format changes, and to understand the potential impact of the change on the brand’s image and competitive positioning.

Study findings were used to determine whether to proceed with the changes and to identify any potential barriers.

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