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Concept Testing

Concept testing is a critical component of your market research, allowing you to test your concept, revisit initial product development assumptions, improve your targeting, hone your messaging and refine your products’ features for greater market appeal.

On the surface, concept testing seems simple: develop an idea, present it to potential customers, determine potential viability, and refine the product or service. But as a specialist in concept testing across a wide range of industries and product types, we’ve learned that there is no “one size fits all” approach to this research.


Concept testing strategies can vary as widely as the concepts themselves.

Download our Research Brief: Guide to Selecting a Concept Testing Methodology

Whether you’re in late stage development with a product ready for pre-launch, or early in the process, still exploring features in detail, identifying potential stumbling blocks, and refining the concept elements, Zeldis can help make your concept testing more insightful.

The Concept Testing Challenges Most Important to You

Zeldis Research can help you to first identify the most appropriate methodology for testing your concept, then, address the concept challenges most important to you:

  • Identify concept prototype’s primary benefits and gauge the relative appeal of product features under consideration
  • Determine the potential market viability of the concept, and profile key attitudinal subgroups that would be the best customer targets
  • Identify and address potential barriers to product success
  • Understand the concept’s most salient aspects to refine communications and marketing messages
  • Test completed concept design and finalize the overall approach before launch
  • Determine package design preferences and gauge reaction to packaging alternatives
  • Measure reaction to potential new product feature introductions
  • Identify key points of differentiation from other products
  • Test potential concept names
The Insights You Need

Don’t miss the opportunity to create a better match between your concept and the market opportunity.  Zeldis Research concept testing provides the insights you need to precisely focus your concept priorities, investment, targets, and communications.