2019 Consumers and Telemedicine Research Study Results

In a live webinar Zeldis Research recently presented findings from a quantitative research study to gain insight into consumer barriers, misperceptions, facilitators and triggers for engagement with Telemedicine.  The study, conducted in collaboration with Dynata, surveyed Millennials, Gen-Xer’s and Baby Boomers.

Watch a video capture of the live webinar HERE.

Learn more about this research study HERE.

Among the findings…
  • Interest in telemedicine is high, but consumer adoption remains low at about 8 % overall.
  • While knowledge about telemedicine is lowest among baby boomers, that segment expresses the greatest interest in trying it.
  • 3 in 10 current telemedicine users say their use was for mental health related issues.
  • There remains uncertainty among interested non-users whether their insurance covers telemedicine-delivered care, as well as whether it is available from their health care providers.

Insurers, healthcare providers, device and technology designers and health-related associations–or anyone else with a stake in the health care scene–will benefit from watching and sharing this FREE webinar.