Zeldis Receives 85% Net Promoter Score

We’re proud to report that Zeldis Research received an 85% Net Promoter Score from its current customers last year, surpassing our previous score of 77% received in 2015.

Of course, we take the greatest pride in what our customers have to say about us, but there are a few things you should know about the numbers behind Net Promoter Scores:

Net promoter scores are a market research industry tool that is used by clients to understand customer loyalty. It is a standardized question that asks customers how likely they are to recommend a certain company or product to others.  A benefit of using NPS is its standardization. It is always asked in the exact same way and on the same scale. This creates norms and allows companies to easily interpret their score in relation to both competitors in their industry as well as outside firms to see how they stack up to leading brands, regardless of the industry.

NPS is calculated on a 0 to 10 scale. There are three groups of responses: the most loyal customers – rating recommendation of the brand a “9” or “10” – called Promoters; those who are not as engaged with the brand but not negative (“7” or “8” ratings) – called Passives; and those who are unlikely to recommend the brand (“0” to “6” rating) – called Detractors. The percentage of Detractors is then subtracted from the brand’s Promoters to determine the brand’s net promoter score.