Zeldis celebrates the firm’s 30th Anniversary!

Zeldis Research Associates is excited to be celebrating the firm’s 30th Anniversary this month.

“I’m so thankful for our amazing clients and smart, hardworking and incredibly loyal team,” said Doris Kaiser, Managing Partner. “How time flies! I feel so blessed to be here and serving this community for such a long time. Our growth over 30 years mirrors their support.”

Zeldis helps its clients conduct informed, smart and more impactful research, enabling them to more successfully develop and market their products and services.

“In our very early days, Ken Zeldis and I set the tone for how our business was to be run, with a focus on providing our clients with high quality market research service,” continued Kaiser. “We believed staying focused on the needs of our clients and the research community would allow us to continue to grow and to succeed. This remains a core value of our organization today and I couldn’t be any prouder of our contribution.”