Webinar Video: Telehealth for Behavioral Health…Is it Here to Stay?

Telemedicine for Behavioral Health is no longer just for a select few pioneers. While Zeldis Research has been exploring telehealth usage and attitudes for more than a year, its increased adoption during the pandemic has been much more recently in the news. We are excited to share the results of our thought leadership research to help you understand attitudes and perceptions of providers and consumers of virtual and teletherapy methods.

Our new proprietary research sought to better understand:

  • Which video platforms mental health professionals are leveraging most often for their teletherapy sessions
  • What providers and consumers think about the effectiveness of teletherapy
  • What role insurance reimbursement plays in the utilization of teletherapy
  • What providers and consumers think about teletherapy’s future

Learn the answers to these questions and more in a new webinar viewable below.

Learn more about our Telehealth for Behavioral Health Thought Leadership HERE.

For more information, please contact Jeff Mann, Zeldis Senior Research Director. Jeff@Zeldisresearch.com