Free Webinar: Seen One Millennial and You Have NOT Seen Them All

Don’t miss a new free webinar on Tuesday, December 12 at 1:00 PM EST. “Seen One Millennial, and You Have Not Seen Them All: A Quantitative Segmentation of Millennial Customers” provides surprising new insights from the latest Zeldis Research study of this important demographic, perceived often, and erroneously, as a homogenous group.


In the December 12 webinar, Zeldis Executive Vice President, Amy Rey and Senior Account Director, Fred Gaudios will present the newest findings on Millennials from Zeldis’ large-scale quantitative segmentation of Millennials.

“Millennials are of interest to everyone because of their size and buying power,” said Amy, “but we know they are not one huge like-minded group.” The research results, based on online surveys of 1000 millennials, present five distinct segments, along with marketing implications for each. “The story is more nuanced, complicated and optimistic than you might expect,” said Fred.