Webinar: America’s Most Wanted: Addressing Current Challenges in Market Research Data Collection

If you are like most of us, you’ve noticed that conducting research, particularly quantitative research (consumer and B2B), has become more difficult. It has become more challenging to provide the trusted data and insights to help our stakeholders make the best business decisions. Sourcing quality respondents from panels, battling bots and fraud, spam regulations, firewalls, data privacy, low response rates, etc. have all made it harder.

In the free webinar, we presented an overview of some of the challenges along with ways to help mitigate them. Some of what you will takeaway from this presentation:

  • How to source quality respondents using external sources.
  • How to optimize the quality of your panel data in questionnaire writing and data cleaning.
  • Ways to maximize response AND stay compliant when using an internal list.
  • Alternate strategies to traditional quantitative data collection that may yield more trustworthy insights.

We don’t promise a magic bullet solution, but hopefully we can offer a few suggestions that will help you execute quality research that offers value to your stakeholders. And we will leave a few minutes for members of the audience to share any steps you’ve taken to improve data collection in the current environment.

Email Amy Rey, Executive Vice President to schedule a private webinar among you and your colleagues: amy@zeldisresearch.com.

As always, results are shared with greater insights to the research community at no cost.