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Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Market Research Examples

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Physician Segmentation Survey

A major, nationally recognized medical journal commissioned Zeldis Research to conduct a quantitative research study among 1,400 physicians to create segments based on a series of personal and practice demographics, professional attitudes, readership and lifestyle psychographics. The study was also used to estimate market size by physician segment to help our client understand the greatest opportunities for future readership.

Message Development and Testing

Zeldis Research conducted a two-phase research program for a healthcare supplier, consisting of in-depth interviews with physicians and office managers to gauge reaction to various messaging approaches and components to optimize communication and detail strategies.

Concept Test

Zeldis Research conducted in-facility in-depth interviews with physicians and office managers to gauge their reactions to an innovative business approach. A secondary objective of this research was to assess the impact of specific value proposition statements, identify strengths and challenges for the concept, and profile likely practices for enrollment in the program.

Findings were used to better understand overall viability and market potential for this approach.

Detail Assessment

A major manufacturer has asked Zeldis to conduct several tracking studies to understand the effectiveness of details for various products marketed.

Zeldis conducts hundreds of online interviews with physicians each quarter to understand the time spent on the detail, recall and impact of messaging,  and the usefulness of visual aids of both the client’s details and those of key competitors.

Physician Office Unmet Needs Research

Zeldis Research conducted online bulletin boards with physicians in order to help a healthcare supplier identify primary unmet needs within physician practices generally, and with vaccine management specifically.

The research helped to reveal key challenges and frustrations, to identify processes that could alleviate stress and streamline practice administration, and to determine how the supplier could better serve and partner with physician offices. These insights were in turn used to provide recommendations for honing/revising the company’s value proposition and messaging.

Insurance Customer Segmentation

Zeldis Research conducted a qualitative and quantitative segmentation study to help a major insurance company re-define its brand strategy and ensure that it is communicating a relevant message to key member segments.

Eight focus groups were first conducted to gain insight into consumers’ feelings about protection, health insurance, and considerations when choosing a healthcare provider. Using qualitative feedback to inform quantitative survey development, 1,007 online interviews were then conducted with the same target audience. Key market segments were sized and profiled based on attitudes toward protection and attitudes regarding health maintenance in general, as well as health insurance specifically.

Results helped to shed light on the types of messages and themes that resonate with each attitudinal segment, and how best to communicate with each group.

Patient Non-Compliance Study

A major health insurance provider was interested in exploring ways to increase female members’ participation in pre-screening for various female-oriented diseases, specifically mammograms and pap smears. This insurer commissioned Zeldis Research Associates to conduct a series of focus groups with female members who were overdue by 2 years or more for their mammogram and/or pap smear.

The primary objective of this research was to identify members’ barriers to having regular exams, so that the provider may develop communication strategies to help overcome these obstacles in the future.

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