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Sample Association Market Research

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Annual Directory Redesign

This consumer-focused association was in search of customer insights for the development of its annual directory. The objective of this study was to assess member recall of the previous years’ directory, gauge customer satisfaction and engagement with it, and determine the level of receptivity to a new content approach in a new format.

An online survey was conducted among members and nonmember enthusiasts to measure overall reaction and likelihood to influence involvement in this association’s primary activity.

Website Evaluation

A major association of professionals conducted online focus groups among its target audience to evaluate its homeowner-focused website. The primary research objective was to shift the focus of its content, features, function and design to more closely align with its primary goal of servicing the information needs of its primary target audience.

Professional Development Exploration

A major association conducted research to evaluate a large-scale professional development offering for members. Objectives were to gauge members’ use of online professional development, gauge awareness of the association’s offering, and explore reasons for enrolling or not enrolling.

Zeldis Research conducted a two-phase study, with a secondary review of existing association research as well as publicly available data, to understand competitive offerings. In addition, an online quantitative study was conducted with approximately 700 association members.

Market Profile Study

Zeldis Research has conducted two waves of annual tracking research to understand our client’s market universe. Sponsored by more than 16 companies, the primary objective is to provide information on the size and characteristics of the market, which is beneficial to developing more effective marketing and business practices. The study also explores current issues, such as the economic climate and its effect on the association members.

Organization Perception Study

A major fund-raising organization suffered the loss of its two leading spokespeople. Following this change, the organization conducted qualitative research to understand its image among key donors, to develop ways to move the organization forward beyond the personalities of the former spokespeople, and to identify priorities for future focus and investment. In-person focus groups were conducted with current donors at a variety of giving levels, as well as potential donors.

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