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Consumer Products Market Research

Build a better mousetrap

Today’s consumer is not yesterday’s consumer. Do you know what is influencing your customers? Do you understand where, how and why they’re buying?

Zeldis-Consumer-ProductsZeldis helps consumer products manufacturers, marketers, distributors and retailers to understand , customer and prospect attitudes, perceptions, and behavior. We can help you to successfully identify new, emerging (or declining) segments, gauge brand satisfaction and loyalty, hone messaging strategies, test product concepts, focus pricing strategies, and measure media channel influences.

Ultimately, we can help your products, services and marketing efforts be more successful.


Our experience in consumer products includes:
  • Home and Decor
  • Packaged Food Products
  • Mom and Baby
  • Automotive Supplies
Our actionable research has successfully helped clients to:
  • Evaluate their brand’s customer segmentation and uncover potential attitudinal segments
  • Identify reasons for declining sales in key product area segments
  • Understand consumer product information sources, brand preferences and spending potential in various product categories
  • Explore potential market opportunities by evaluating product interest and cost parameters
  • Better understand the market opportunities for new products under consideration