Leanne Storer Promoted to Vice President

Zeldis is pleased to announce that Senior Research Director Leanne Storer has been promoted to Vice President. Leanne has extensive experience in the health insurance industry and specializes in this field.

Managing and executing core industry projects within Zeldis Research since 1997, Leanne is a highly skilled moderator of live and webcam focus groups, online bulletin board discussions, and in-depth phone/in-person interviews with both consumer and B2B audiences.

Recently marking her 21st anniversary with Zeldis Research, Leanne began her career in quantitative research. Along the way, she discovered her curiosity about people and their behavioral choices made her a natural fit for qualitative work as well.
Learn more about Leanne, how clients benefit from this blended approach of Qual and Quant, and two maxims that guide both her personal and professional life HERE.