Congratulations To Our Newest EVP Christine DiMeola

As most of you know, Christine DiMeola has been with Zeldis Research Associates for nearly 13 years. She joined ZRA in May of 2008 as a Senior Research Director, where she managed projects, oversaw accounts and developed and honed her moderating skills.  In 2017 she was promoted to Vice President where she gained additional responsibility for managing the Research Team and eventually the Operations Department.

Over the last four years Christine has maintained an unwavering focus on our company and the improvement of our processes.  Through our EOS process she has become a vital contributor to the strategic planning process and plays an integral role in our ability to meet the goals we set to ensure the company’s ongoing success. In addition, Christine’s capacity to remain unflappable in nearly every situation has made her a champion mediator and problem solver.

Christine’s commitment to the goals of Zeldis Research, her thoughtful involvement in strategic planning and her ability to maintain a levelheaded demeanor in all circumstances has resulted in her promotion to Executive Vice President.

Please join me in recognizing Christine for her accomplishments and her continuous attention to our company’s growth and success.