Bert Russick Joins Zeldis As Senior Research Director

Zeldis Research Associates is pleased to announce that Bert Russick has joined the firm as Senior Research Director. Bert is an industry veteran with more than 30 years of research expertise.

Bert Russick comes to Zeldis following more than 17 years of senior positions at GfK North America. Although, like all Zeldis associates, Bert is a jack-of-all trades in the market research field, his years of experience include specializations in both process (sampling, data collection, qualitative, and research design) and sector (public opinion and policy research, financial, retail grocery, and mobile telecom.) His previous responsibilities at GfK ranged from data analysis, full-time moderator, and research director to VP-Operations.

In addition to conducting traditional focus groups and IDIs, Bert was a pioneer in online bulletin board-based qualitative research, a particular area of expertise that Zeldis Research brings to its clients. And as a member of the Zeldis team, Bert will direct all aspects of research studies, including study design, execution, and interpretation of findings.

“Zeldis is a nimble boutique firm whose researchers I have known and admired for many years,” Bert said. “I am also excited about the opportunity to serve clients’ needs from beginning to end of the process, unlike the constraints in larger firms that limit the personalized service and long-term relationships we can offer to individual clients,” he said.

“Bert joins Zeldis at a critical time for our company’s growth,” said Zeldis Partner Doris Kaiser. “With the qualitative work we’re doing now at an especially high level, Bert’s long experience will mean he can hit the ground running and be an immediate asset for our clients’ needs.”