Association and Nonprofit Market Research

Member-based associations and nonprofits need to re-earn their members trust and support every day, while continuing to successfully grow and maintain their membership roster.

Understanding your members’ attitudes, usage of and perceptions about your organization is critical to garnering continued buy-in and support.

Zeldis can help your association craft more successful acquisition and retention strategies and ensure that your members’ journey is consistent across all communication vehicles—web, event, call center, advertising, social media and more.






Benefits of Zeldis Association Research

Our association research can help you to:Associations-graphic-294x300

  • Improve mission buy-in from key stake holders, contributors, and members
  • Craft more successful outreach, advertising and social media strategies
  • Evaluate strengths and address potential weaknesses of association communications
  • Test ideas and concepts, including member offerings and services
  • Identify sources of member dissatisfaction to optimize your members’ customer journey
  • Address barriers that diminish your appeal to new members