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Working Together

Zeldis’ veteran market research professionals work together seamlessly on every phase of your project.

While many firms have separate divisions to run quantitative and qualitative research, we have experts who lead both with an integrated, custom approach designed to get robust results you can use. This facilitates the bridging of knowledge from one phase of research into another, ensuring that everyone understands the project’s details and goals – from questionnaire development all the way to final report and presentation.

Ken Zeldis


    Amy Rey

    Vice President

      Kristina Witzling

      Vice President

        Christine DiMeola

        Senior Research Director

          Kathrin Schumacher

          Senior Research Director

            Bert Russick

            Senior Research Director

              Leanne Storer

              Senior Research Director

                Fred Gaudios

                Research Director

                  Ron Kolodziej

                  Research Director

                    Deenu Shaik

                    Research Director

                      Andy Romano

                      Research Director

                        Karen Schmutz

                        Field Operations Director

                          Carolyn Hanko

                          Market Research Assistant

                            Monique Corchado

                            Manager of Finance & Administration