ESG Investing Research Study



ESG Investing

A Zeldis Research Associates 2019 Market Research Study

Each year, Zeldis identifies an industry topic to explore and share with the research community. Our 2019 initiative is the exploration of attitudes and perceptions about socially-conscious, values-based investing, with a particular focus on environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) investing.


Join us on Thursday, September 19, 2019, when we’ll present Phase II Qualitative Results of our ESG Investing study in a FREE, LIVE webinar. REGISTER NOW.



Phase I Quantitative Results were presented in a live WEBINAR on August 1, 2019. If you missed the webinar, you may view a live video capture HERE.


Our two-phase research study among consumers and advisors began in May, 2019, and includes:


  • A large-scale, online Quantitative study with 1,000 consumers (mix of investors and non-investors who are considering investing in the next few years), in partnership with MarketCube


  • Webcam focus groups with advisors who either offer values-based and/or ESG investment options to their clients, or are considering doing so in the future, in partnership with Schlesinger and Civicom


This research will investigate the current knowledge and use of values-based investing, the conceptual and attitudinal barriers to investing, and other emerging trends as well as motivators, barriers and differences by key subgroups, including generations, political leanings, and affiliations.

How well do end investors – even those traditionally considered in the “sweet spot” for ESG investments – understand the concept?

  • What are the barriers to greater understanding?
  • What are the perceived benefits of ESG investing?
  • What about the philosophical and political implications – is there room in the investment marketplace for different ideas?

The study also takes a look at other new trends in the investment space, such as robo-advisors and investment apps.