COVID-19 Impact on Agents, Brokers and Financial Advisors


With the COVID-19 pandemic and related economic uncertainty causing notable impacts to financial services and insurance, Zeldis seeks to understand how insurance agents and financial advisors are responding to recent challenges, as well as their projections of how the industry may change in the longer term as a result of recent disruptions.

This thought leadership research involves conducting qualitative in-depth interviews with insurance agents, brokers and financial advisors to better understand their recent experiences with and perceived future impact of COVID-19.


8 telephone interviews with insurance agents

8 telephone interviews with financial advisors

  • Understand how the COVID-19 pandemic changed day-to-day in terms of client interactions, carrier relationships, lead generation/prospecting, and marketing
  • Determine how business’ bottom line/sales have been impacted in 2020, as well as future threats and opportunities to their business as a result of the crisis
  • Gauge perceptions toward how the insurance and advisory industries will change as a result of the pandemic, including sales of particular products and services
  • Understand future projections for the rest of 2020 and in the longer term for their business, carrier/provider interactions, as well as the industry as a whole


For more information about this study and when results will become available, contact Fred Gaudios, Zeldis Senior Account Director.