Compliance Manager

Compliance Manager 

Company Description:

Zeldis Research Associates is a small, but successful full-service market research company, conducting qualitative and quantitative research in several industries, primarily insurance, financial services, and education. Zeldis Research provides unlimited opportunity for professional growth and development in a casual, team-oriented work environment. Zeldis is looking for a business professional with interest and experience overseeing data security and compliance for the organization.


Description of Position:

The Compliance Manager is a high visibility and critical position at Zeldis. This individual will oversee all administrative activities for Zeldis’ data security and compliance operations and collaborate with Zeldis’ external IT and compliance partners to ensure adequate policies and procedures are in place to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of client and organizational data in accordance with the terms of our security certification and contractual requirements. This role will also serve as the security officer for the organization and primary point of contact for employees, clients, and vendors.

The Compliance Manager is expected to lead all tasks in consultation with Executive Management regarding internal ZRA policies and procedures as well as client and regulatory requirements when needed. This individual is solely responsible for communicating rules, regulations, and guidelines to all impacted areas throughout organization and must be able to quickly identify and act to resolve vulnerabilities in company operations.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Overseeing the management and implementation of Zeldis’ information security policy and procedure manual; this includes collaborating with IT and compliance consultants when necessary, obtaining management approval, distributing final drafts to staff and relevant vendors and administering training
  • Liaising with the IT and compliance consultants to ensure timely completion of critical tasks and following up with responsible parties as needed so commitments are met
  • Coordinating with responsible parties to respond to client contracting requirements (e.g., risk assessment questionnaires, legal counsel, reviewing client IT and regulatory requirements, evaluating recommendations from external partners to ensure Zeldis’ compliance, etc.)
  • Managing the renewal of our critical security certification and providing support to the IT and compliance consultants with evidence and data collection
  • Overseeing the company’s Vendor Management Program in conjunction with our IT and compliance consultants, including new vendor onboarding, ongoing oversight of vendors to ensure continued compliance with Zeldis’ information security and clients’ regulatory requirements, and tracking resources for vendors providing services involving confidential information
  • Investigating and acting on privacy and security complaints, and performing required risk assessment, documentation, mitigation, and notification in response to security incidents
  • Monitoring IT help desk ticket inquiries and assisting the IT consultant with resolving issues
  • Promoting information privacy awareness within the organization through routine training of staff on policies and procedures, as well as monitoring and ensuring staff compliance
  • Serving on the Confidentiality and Security Team and collaborating with the IT and compliance consultants as needed on information security initiatives that are key to the company’s business strategy and objectives
  • Managing user software and communication tools to ensure these resources comply with company data security polices
  • Managing business insurance renewals and ensuring policies meet the client contractual requirements.

Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration with 1 to 3 years’ experience in compliance or a related business administration field – OR – S. Diploma/Equivalent + minimum 5 years’ experience in compliance or a related business administration field
  • Working knowledge of computer network systems and ability to learn new technologies
  • Understanding of HIPAA regulatory requirements, and information security best practices as they relate to the handling and sharing of PII and PHI
  • Demonstrated proficiency in project management, policy, and process development
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills to clearly articulate compliance procedures and initiatives with Zeldis staff, our vendors, and our clients
  • Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Ability to work independently to prioritize tasks to meet timelines and propose creative solutions to problems

This is a fully remote position that requires space to work in with limited interruptions. Title and salary commensurate with experience and expertise; salary range $65,000-$85,000. Benefits include medical and dental (100% employer-paid), flexible work environment, work-at-home opportunities, and generous company holiday and vacation policies. For more information or to apply, please email Christine DiMeola,